Led Dimmer CC4 Voor stroomgestuurde led's (Powerleds)

The DMX-LED-Dimmer CC4 is designed for controlling LEDs, which are operated
with constant current and works with up to 48V DC.

4 outputs with choose able constant current modules
Different constant current modules with different output currents are available for plug-on.
The constant current modules are available as accessories and are not included in the scope of delivery.
For voltages from 12V up to 24V
The DMX-LED-Dimmer CC4 works with supply voltages from 12V up to 24V DC.
DMX FAIL-Function
An adjustable DMX FAIL function offers the option to hold the current state (HOLD)
or to adopt a predefined value if the DMX signal fails.
LED state display
The DMX state is indicated via the LED status.
Optionally an additional DMX channel can be activated as master dimmer.
0% up to 100% dimmable
The connected LEDs are dimmed from 0% up to 100% via PWM.
RDM support
The DMX-LED-Dimmer CC4 allows configuration by RDM via DMX.
Top-hat rail housing available
The top-hat rail housing 1050 is available as accessory for the DMX-LED-Dimmer X9HR.
Together with the top-hat rail housing 1050, the interface is optimally suited for control cabinet installation.

Constant current modules for the DMX-LED-Dimmer CC1 are:
- Constant current module LDD-300H (300mA)
- Constant current module LDD-350H (350mA)
- Constant current module LDD-500H (500mA)
- Constant current module LDD-600H (600mA)
- Constant current module LDD-700H (700mA)
- Constant current module LDD-1000H (1000mA)
- Constant current module LDD-1200H (1200mA)
- Constant current module LDD-1500H (1500mA)


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