Led Dimmer CC1 Voor stroomgestuurde led's (Powerleds)

The DMX-LED-Dimmer CC1 is designed for controlling LEDs, which are operated with constant current and works with up to 48V DC.

Output with selectable constant current modules
Different constant current modules with different output currents are available for connection.
The constant current modules are available as accessories and are not included in the scope of delivery.

Power supply from 12V up to 48V
The DMX-LED Dimmer CC1 works with supply voltages from 12V to 48V.0% to 100%
The connected LEDs can be dimmed via PWM of 0% up to 100%.

DMX FAIL-Function
An adjustable DMX FAIL-Function offers the option to hold the current state (HOLD)
or to adopt a predefined value if the DMX signal fails.

RDM support
The DMX-LED-Dimmer CC1 the configuration via RDM or DMX.

Top hat rail mounting available
Suitable for the DMX-LED-Dimmer CC1 the DIN rail housing 350 is available as accessory.

Constant current modules for the DMX-LED-Dimmer CC1 are:
- Constant current module LDD-300H (300mA)
- Constant current module LDD-350H (350mA)
- Constant current module LDD-500H (500mA)
- Constant current module LDD-600H (600mA)
- Constant current module LDD-700H (700mA)
- Constant current module LDD-1000H (1000mA)
- Constant current module LDD-1200H (1200mA)
- Constant current module LDD-1500H (1500mA)


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