Led Dimmer 9x10 Ampere - DinRail X9

The DMX-LED-Dimmer X9 is especially designed for controlling RGB LED-Stripes.
The dimmer has 9 PWM-Outputs (3xRGB) independently controllable via DMX.9 Outputs
The DMX-LED-Dimmer X9 has 9 outputs to which LEDs can be connected.
All outputs are designed in the same way so single color, RGB or RGBW LEDs can be connected.

High Power Outputs
The outputs can drive a current up to 10A.
So it is possible to connect a maximum load of 120W (12V) / 240W (24V)0% bis 100% dimmable
The connected LEDs are dimmed by PWM from 0% to 100%.For voltages from 12V up to 24V
The DMX-LED-Dimmer X9 operates with supply voltages from 12V up to 24V. The LED voltage can
be different per output so that one DMX-LED-Dimmer X9 can control different LED systems.

DMX-FAIL Function
An adjustable DMX FAIL function offers the option to get in case of lost
DMX signal the current state (HOLD) or assuming a preset value.

RDM support
The DMX-LED-Dimmer X9 allows configuration by RDM via DMX.

LED-State Display
The DMX state is indicated via the LED status.

Stand-Alone Function
As an alternative to DMX control, internal color sequences can be called up
via the address switch without external DMX control.


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