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Artnet DMX Universe 1.1 RDM - (Dinrail or board)

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The DMX UNIVERSE DR1.1 RDM is a compact Ethernet interface which
can be used for Art-Net™/TPM2/sACN to DMX/RDM or DMX to Art-Net™.

With a standard RJ45 network connector the connection to the ArtNet is made.

DMX direction selectable
The DMX direction can be switched depending on use.

Adjustable DMX-Framerate
In DMX OUTPUT mode, the DMX framerate is adjustable so that this interface is compatible with "slow" DMX devices.

RDM via Art-Net™
Supports RDM via Art-Net™, which enables connected RDM devices to be configured via Art-Net™ with the appropriate software.

Muteable LED indicator/strong>
The LED indicators on the DMX UNIVERSE DR1.1 RDM are muteable by Art-Net™ command (AcLedMute) or time-controlled.
This is helpful to disturbing "points of light" especially on stages.

Easy Configuration
A user-friendly configuration via a web browser allows a fast and uncomplicated setting of all parameters.
No special software is required, a normal web browser is sufficient. Thus, the configuration at any time
from your PC, smartphone or tablet device.
For easy setting of the IP-address, we provide the IP Configurator as a PC tool or Android app available for free.
This allows you to leave the network settings unchanged and can easily configure the IP.

Compact design
The DMX UNIVERSE DR1.1 RDM is designed for mounting in a 350mm DIN rail housing.

Use together with WiFi components
In conjunction with a WiFi-bridge the DMX UNIVERSE DR1.1 RDM can be integrated into standard WiFi networks.

In order to take advantage of future features, the DMX UNIVERSE DR1.1 RDM has a firmware update function.
This can be launched from the browser so that no access to the device is necessary!

DMX4ALL-Command interface
The DMX UNIVERSE DR1.1 RDM has another communication interface that is compatible with
the LAN-DMX STAGE-PROFI. This interface uses the DMX4ALL commands via TCP or UDP packets.

Available in DINrail or as board only.


Power supply: 8-24V DC
  (150mA@12V; 100mA@24V)
Connection: Ethernet: RJ45
  Power/DMX: Screw terminal
DMX: Selectable:
  - 512 channels OUT
  - 512 channels IN
DMX-Framerate: Adjustable (5 - 44 fps)
RDM: RDM via Art-Net™
Data Fail: HOLD last data
(DMX-OUT) CLEAR all to 0%
  SET all to 100%
DMX-IN Fail: HOLD last data
(DMX-IN) CLEAR all to 0%
  SET all to 100%
Protocol: Art-Net™
  sACN (Unicast)
  DMX4ALL commands (as well as the LAN-DMX STAGE-PROFI)
Internal program: User-configurable stand-alone program
Status LED: Green: Ethernet Connection
  Yellow: Datatransfer
Dimensions: DinRail module: 2 units wide, rail 35mm, 35x85x58mm (LxWxH)
Board only:
29,2mm x 82mm

 Compatible Software

  DMX-Configurator Windows™
  LumiDMX Windows™
  FreeStyler Windows™
  DMXControl Windows™
  MADRIX Windows™
  Jinx! LED Matrix Control Windows™
  Q Light Controller / QLC+ Windows™ / Mac OS X / Linux
  vvvv Windows™
  MadMapper Mac OS X
  Lightkey Mac OS X
  PC_Dimmer Windows™ / WindowsCE / Android
  Elios Windows™ / Mac OS X / Linux
  Light Remote * Android
  Artnet DMX Controller * Android
  Luminair * iPhone /iPad
  LightingPad * iPhone /iPad
  Run The Show DMX * iPad
  Ethernet Controller 750-8xx WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750
  or each software with Art-Net output  

* Apps with additional fee

Software & Tools


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