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BG Connect SDI RCU - Sony

€ 650,00
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RCU to control Shading for SONY camera's via SDI Line from a Blackmagic Design ATEM Switcher


Control basic shading functions of your Sony Camera via your ATEM software of via the ATEM Camera Control Panel.

This unit converts SDI Data from a Blackmagic Design ATEM live production Switcher to Sony Camera Protocol.

With this unit you can have basic CCU control of the Sony Broadcast cameras from the CCU control of a Blackmagic Design Atem video mixer.
This CCU control is build into the software of the Atem and normally controls the BMD Ursa and Studio camera's.

We are now able to do the basic CCU control of the Sony broadcast cameras like the PMW-320 PMW-400 and others. (we have to test on more models, but the protocol is the same)

Functions include:
-Tally by internal LED and External output for tally light
-Iris control
-White level correction
-Black level correction
-Master black level
-On camera tally goes with the Red external tally

The box is powered by the Remote port of the Sony camera.   1 SDI return video is needed from the Atem to the RCU box for the control data from the Atem. SDI loop out can be feed to a monitor for PGM return video for the camera operator.
16 Cam ID's select able by rotary switch.


  • 3G SDI return signal form your ATEM Switcher
  • 3G SDI Loop out for return feed monitor available
  • Camera Control (Cable is included)
  • Jack 3.5mm for connection of Tally lights (Datavideo TD-3)
  • Ethernet (for future use)

Led Indicators:

  • Status
  • Tally

Supply: Via Camera



Delivery includes 1 BG Connect SDI RCU + 1 Controlcable for Sony Controlport. (External Tally light not included)