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Artnet Player X4 / X8 / X16

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Player Model

The ArtNet Player X4, 8 or 16, in the following only called ArtNet Player X,
is the first Stand-Alone Controller from DMX4ALL, offered in different model versions.

Depending on the needed application, the ArtNet Player X is available in different designs and functionalities.

As usual, the ArtNet Player X is also quickly ready for use in DMX4ALL manner and remains intuitive
and user-friendly despite numerous and new functions in the handling.

This is possible by the well-structured user interface of the device's own web interface, available for the settings.

An overview of the current status is provided by the integrated RGB LED.

Whether as a board version or as compact ready-made device with comfortable touch operation, the ArtNet Player X
can be used to play lighting programs from SD card. Different file formats can be used, which can be created with
the DMX Configurator or used as TPM2 files from freely available software.

With up to 16 universes (X16) , a maximum of 8192 channels can be output via the network with just one ArtNet Player X.
Even in larger installations, handling across several devices remains easy and clear thanks to Master-Slave operation.

The ArtNet Player X offers the possibility to execute programs comfortably time-controlled. Up to 16 configurable timers
can be defined individually. For each timer one or several days can be assigned as well as the start time.
Furthermore, the playback duration as well as the hourly playback with adjustable time window can be set optionally.

The current time is needed for the correct processing the timers. This setting is done either via the device's own
web interface, the optionally available DCF77 Key with DCF77 sensor or according to the ArtNet specification
via network-based ArtTimeSync packages. DCF77 allows an automatic adjustment to summer / winter time.

The configurable digital inputs integrated in the ArtNet Player X allow operation by remote pushbuttons,
making additional devices obsolete. Designed as a LongDistance inputs, even larger distances do not cause any
problems when mounting the switching elements.

The ArtNet Player X is convincing and combines a multitude of useful and innovative functions under
a top-hat rail housing in its space-saving, compact design.

Technical Specification X4 X8 X16
Power supply: 8-24V DC
  (150mA@12V; 100mA@24V)
Connections: RJ45 Ethernet
  Screw Terminals
Ethernet: 10 Mbit/s | 100 Mbit/s Y Y Y
Art-Net™ / sACN: Universes 4 8 16
Channels 2048 4096 8192
DMX Galvanicaly Isolated 2 2 2
  Input Y
  Input with RDM Y Y
  Output Y Y Y
Switchable Output/Input Y Y
Device-Sync: Synchronisierung multiple devices Y Y Y
  Art-Net™ Y Y Y
  sACN Y Y
  HTTP-Request Y Y Y
DMX4ALL Commands Y Y Y
Digital Input: Long Distance 8 8 8
Timer: Configurable timer for executing programs 4 16 16
  Hourly execution with adjustable time slot Y Y
SD Card: microSD up to 16GB
Playback format: DMX4ALL Programfiles
Status display: RGB-LED, Network-Status-LEDs
  All disengageable
Features: RGB-Filter
  Silen without fan
Optional Equipment: DCF77-Receiver
Dimension: 62mm x 88mm x 29mm



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