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RCU to control Visca PTZ camera's via SDI Line from a Blackmagic Design ATEM Switcher


Control PTZ Camera's via Visca Protocol on RS422 (or RS232 special order) via your ATEM  1ME or 2ME Broadcast panel.

This unit converts SDI Data from a Blackmagic Design ATEM live production Switcher to Visca PTZ camera's

With this unit you can control Pan Tilt and Zoom + basic CCU control of the Visca Compatible cameras from the CCU control of a Blackmagic Design Atem video mixer.
This CCU control is build into the software of the Atem and normally controls the BMD Ursa and Studio camera's.

Functions include:

  • Pan, Tilt Zoom, Focus
  • Presets
  • Tally by internal LED and External output for tally light
  • Iris control
  • Shutter
  • Gain
  • White level correction
  • Black level correction

The box is powered by a 12 volt powersupply 1000mA.   1 SDI return video is needed from the Atem to the RCU PTZ box for the control data from the Atem. SDI loop out can be feed to a monitor for PGM return video for the camera operator.
16 Cam ID's select able by rotary switch.


  • 3G SDI return signal form your ATEM Switcher
  • 3G SDI Loop out for return feed monitor available
  • RS422 Camera Control (Phoenix terminal block)
  • Jack 3.5mm for connection of Tally lights (Datavideo TD-3)
  • Ethernet (for future use)

Led Indicators:

  • Status
  • Tally

Supply: External adapter 12V 1000mA (Not included)



Delivery includes 1 BG Connect SDI RCU PTZ. (External Tally light not included)